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Designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection while you trek through some of Australia’s harshest landscapes. The Kosci Boot features 360° high wall rubber band for protection from rocks and rubble and our very own HYDROSHIELD waterproof and breathable membrane keeping your feet dry in the winter.

It features a Vibram® sole with aggressive and firm grooves specifically designed to give you support grip and rain, hail or shine. Its rigid but comfortable extra-high ankle shaft gives supreme support when tackling uneasy ground.

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The rubber band that goes around the circumference of the boot provides full 360 degree protection against rocky and rugged terrain. This means that the leather and boots will last longer. It will also provide a more waterproof base when in damp conditions.


Speed lacing system allows you to quickly and efficiently lace up boots. Effortlessly ensure your shoes are tight and your feet are strapped in.


We use a Vibram® outsole as it is the leading brand of outsole used widely in the hunting and mountaineering industry. Our particular outsole provides good traction and support and designed to grip safely and can tackle many surfaces, no matter how steep or rocky.


The Kosci high top shape provides crucial ankle support especially in rough and rugged landscapes. The high top provides more support for your joints and helps prevent ankle sprains.


Hydroshield is a completely weather resistant membrane that provides extremely reliable protection against rain, snow and wind while still remaining breathable.


All Spika boots come with a complimentory washable boot bag to carry your boots before and after your hunt.


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