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Thermaflow Pants
Gridfleece Top

Xone Pants

Terra Puffer Jacket

Highpoint Shell Jacket

Frontier Jacket
Frontier Pants


For my base layer on these cold winter days here in the central tablelands a good set of thermal bottoms is a must. Especially with the wet frosty mornings, no one enjoys getting wet at the start of the day especially when its -3 degrees. My go to thermal pants are the Themaflow Pants. These pants have moisture-wicking properties which is a must during the winter months! As for my base layer top I love the Gridfleece Top, the Gridfleece Top is great at distributing body heat and is a very comfortable top to wear under a jacket. I really like the length of the top and the material its made of especially the way it hugs your body. These items are perfect for your high country deer hunts to chasing wild pigs on the western flats.
For my mid layer pants I’m a huge fan of the Xone Pants, these pants are a all-season pant for me with great features such as the shoelace clip, nothing annoys me more than pant bottoms that ride up all the time. With the shoelace clips this doesn’t happen. Another great feature on the pants is the side zip vents which allow you to regulate the heat in the pants, with many pockets and built in belt make these pants definitely my number choice.


For my top layer I run the Highpoint Shell Jacket. This is my favourite jacket in the range purely because of its many features. The pit zips are a big one for me as it allows me to quickly dump heat out if I’m starting to sweat, the last thing you want is to get wet from the inside as this can drastically affect your body. For the cold mornings sitting on top of a hill glassing or back at camp that night I wear the Terra Puffer Jacket, it’s a great addition especially in windy conditions, the adjustable hood is also a great function. When things turn wet I always have my Frontier Jacket and Pants in my pack. The Frontier jacket and pants are 100% waterproof and breathable and with added features such as grip on the shoulders is great to keep your pack from sliding. No matter where I’m going in winter I make sure I always have my rain gear especially in the high country as the weather can change very dramatically.


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