Infiray ZL38


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The Zoom ZL38 comes equipped with a clear 19mm lens to capture thermal signatures. The FOV on this thermal monocular measures 13.9 x 10.4 degrees. It comes with a 4x digital zoom to get additional details. It has an eye relief distance of 20mm and the exit pupil diameter is 5mm.

Inside the housing of the Zoom ZL38 you’ll find the (uncooled, 12µm) 384 by 288 pixel thermal sensor with a refresh rate of 50Hz. The NETD of this thermal monocular is <25mK. The measurements of this thermal monocular are 190 x 65 x 60mm (l/w/h) and weighs 540g. This device is rated IP67. It's protected against dust, shocks and water (splashes). It handles temperatures between -20°C and 50°C. The Zoom ZL38 is built for surveillance, hunting trips, law enforcement (police, border patrol etc.) and SAR (Search and Rescue) operations.

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