Spika gun safes are guaranteed against faulty construction, workmanship, welds and/or materials for a period of 5 years from date of purchase, excluding locks and moving parts which have a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover improper use and/or abuse of the product. Any product put forward for warranty must first be approved by Spika Head office. See returns.


Spika’s limited lifetime warranty is offered to all Challenger blades on workmanship, welds and/or materials warranty does not cover improper use and/or abuse of the product. If your item is damaged in any way due to manufacturers fault we will happily replace the item.


The Hunter by Spika gear comes with a comprehensive 24 month warranty. This means that, apart from normal wear and tear, we ensure our hunting apparel will have no manufacturing or material defects, and that’s a promise. If the gear hasn’t lived up to its high standard then take it in to your local Spika stockist or send it directly to our head office (freight paid by sender) with a return address and a copy of your receipt and we will repair it free of charge, or if it is unrepairable, we will replace the item. This warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear, is voided if the item has been misused or neglected and is not applicable if the item simply shows signs of unavoidable colour and material disintegration due to continued and extended use.


Spika also offers a 1 year warranty on all Spika products which come with our 1 year warranty badge on the packaging. This one year warranty does not cover improper use and/or abuse of the product. Any product claimed for warranty must be returned to the Spika outlet where purchased with proof of purchase included.


If Spika accepts product fault under our warranty, the product is to be returned to the Spika warehouse in Melbourne (freight cost covered by purchaser), packed properly with appropriate keys or parts (where applicable) and with proof of purchase included.

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